“ Chõ “

Chõ” has been adopted . Her sweet name is Japanese, meaning Butterfly. She is a large 6 way jointed bear for for display only. She prefers to sit and lay down on her side to give the cutest poses. She is weighted in her bottom. Armature in her arms and legs . Her pads claws and nose have been hand sculpted. Her eyes are glass taxidermy. She is looking for her forever home and to warm all hearts that put their eyes on her. 


Sweet Kanzõ has been adopted. His name means Licorice in Japanese. Kanzõ is a large bear cub measuring 33” tall. He has a removable / posable  tongue. Six way jointed armature in legs and arms. Weighted bottom. Sculpted claws pads and nose.Blown glass eyes. He prefers to sit and lay down for the cutest poses.He loves to have his hair blown with a blow dryer on the cool setting to make his fur fluffy.
For display only.

Snow Drop

Snow Drop has been adopted She was born March 7th 2023
She stands 6.5 inches tall without not including her ears .With her ears she stands 9 inches.
She has made a viscose fur ,glass eyes, weighted, bottom, and five way jointed.

Boo Bear

“ Boo Bear “  has been adopted
He is a sweet little fella made of viscose fabric.The inside of his ears are made with alpaca felt. He has tiny little glass eyes and he 5 way disk jointed. His bottom is weighted with steel BB’s. His nose has been hand sculpted.   His pads are made with vintage repurposed upholstery fabric. He wears a string of wooden beads to compliment his rusty colored fur accents. 

Sent to their forever homes 

Thank you